About CSMC

Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care (CSMC) is an Ottawa area grassroots group of consumers advocating for increased access to midwifery care.

CSMC is a volunteer-driven organization that meets monthly. It is made up of consumers (persons who have experienced midwifery care), midwives, doulas, and others who support our work. We welcome new people to the organization who would like to contribute.

To learn more about our work, please read our recent meeting minutes and check out our Campaigns and Events pages.

At any time, please feel free to email us any questions or suggestions you might have.

Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care’s official brochure

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about our organization! Print out our new brochure and pass it along to anyone you know who wants to learn more about midwifery care!

Click here to download your copy (PDF file) 

Cette publication est également disponible en français: cliquez ici!


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