Invitation to participate in UBC Childbirth Fear Study

Dear Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care,

Are you pregnant?
Help researchers in the UBC Department of Psychiatry learn more about women’s childbirth concerns! If you are pregnant and 18 years or older, you are eligible to participate.

Participation requires 1.0 to 1.5 hours of your time and involves an online survey and a brief telephone interview. You will be asked about your background, reproductive history, current pregnancy, mood, feelings about childbirth as well as any history of sexual abuse or trauma.

With this research, we will assess the validity of a new screening tool for fear of childbirth, and explore the relationship between fear of childbirth, and mental health, history of trauma and symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  We hope to create educational materials using the study results.

Register for the study at:

See the study Facebook page:

UBC Perinatal Anxiety Lab site:

Please see the PDF summarizing the study and feel free to share the study.

Thank you,​
Rebecca Ferguson

UBC Perinatal Anxiety Lab
Room 209-2400 Arbutus Rd
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health
Victoria, BC, V8N 1V7
Phone: (250) 519-5390, ext. 36439


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