Trial of Labor film, with Birth Story Healing pre-show

Trial of Labor will be shown as part of the CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival on Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 19:00 at St. Paul’s university (223 Main Street). Join us at 18:00 for Birth Story Healing with Jennifer Gillean who will be discussing important aspects to consider when listening and supporting mothers who have had difficult or disappointing births. There is a community discussion panel after the film.

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Trial of Labor follows a small group of pregnant women and their journeys back to trusting themselves and their bodies after previous births ended in unplanned surgery.  Each woman has chosen to plan a vaginal birth after Cesarean, and the uncertainty of their imminent births evokes in each a personal reckoning: finding a path through unresolved feelings and difficult decisions to the ultimate, unpredictable event of childbirth.

The Choice! Film Festival supports all mothers in their choices.
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