Why Not Home? film with Great Sex, Great Birth pre-show

Why Not Home? will be shown as part of the CHOICE! A Birth and Baby Film Festival on Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 19:00 at St. Paul’s university (223 Main Street). Join us at 18:00 for Great Sex, Great Birth pre-show by Nancy Salgueiro who will be discussing how the neurology and physiological responses in sex and birth are paralleled, how we can create the conditions for physiological birth by being aware of the conditions that allow for sexual arousal, the factors that can interfere with both physiological responses, and how practicing great sex can be used as preparation for childbirth.

Tickets can be purchased at: http://informedchoice.ca/film-festival/why-not-home.

Why Not Home? tells the stories of doctors, nurses, and midwives who have attended hundreds of hospital births, yet chose to have their children at home. How did these women with inside knowledge of birth evaluate the evidence and make their decisions? Through the experiences of these women, both at home and in the hospital, we gain unique insights into risk, safety, and the experience of childbirth in America.

The CHOICE! Film Festival supports all mothers in their choices.
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